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Ferrari is “miles away” from perfect F1 structure, says Vasseur

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Ferrari Formula 1 boss Fred Vasseur says that the Italian team is “miles away” from having the perfect structure and seeking one will involve a “permanent evolution”.

Former Alfa Romeo team principal Vasseur took the reins at Maranello in January after the departure of Mattia Binotto.

One of his main tasks was to strengthen the team with some key hirings, a task made harder by the time it takes to recruit key personnel who are tied down by gardening leave.

The job was then made even more difficult by the departures of two leading Ferrari players, with race director Laurent Mekies destined for AlphaTauri, and senior design engineer David Sanchez heading for McLaren, leaving gaps that have to be filled.

Vasseur has already recruited Mercedes performance director Loic Serra, although he is not expected to be able to start work until 2025 as things stand.

Asked how close he was to having the team he wants in place, Vasseur said that the task will never end.

“We are miles away because when you are doing my job you don’t have to imagine that there is a perfect structure,” he said.

“You always need to improve, and always need to change things. If you stay with the same structure two years in a row then you are dead, because all the others will improve.

“It means that I don’t have a clear picture to say I have to do this, and full stop, and it will work. It would be stupid.

“We will make some changes in the coming weeks, in the coming months, in the coming years, because some topics are a bit longer than some others. But it’s a permanent evolution and permanent improvement.”

Vasseur says that the team is beginning to get a handle on where it has to go with its 2024 car.

“Yeah, we are starting to have a much better idea of the situation, and where we are weak, and where we are in better shape,” he said.

“But this I will keep it for me. Sorry! But for sure, race after race we are starting to have a much better picture of the situation.”

Meanwhile, Vasseur insisted that he was keeping his feet on the ground after Charles Leclerc earned a solid third place in Spa last weekend.

“I would stay very calm, because we had the same [press] meeting one week ago, and we were at the end of the world, McLaren was flying, and we were stupid and so on,” he said.

“From one week to the other McLaren is at the back today [Sunday], and we are at the front.

“It means that we have to stay calm, to take it easy, race after race. We know that the pack is so tight, so that for one or two things you can move from P2 to P11. “And it’s not the end of the season, we have a lot of to do. But for sure, it’s good to finish the first part of the season on the positive tone. At least we will have the two weeks off with a positive race in mind.”

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