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Hamilton’s post-F1 future not a part of new Mercedes contract

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Lewis Hamilton’s future with Mercedes beyond racing in Formula 1 is not an element of his new contract with the squad, team boss Toto Wolff has revealed.

The seven-time world champion is currently waiting for his lawyers and Mercedes representatives to clarify the final elements of a new deal that will commit him to F1 for the next few years.

Delays in getting the contract across the line have triggered speculation that there are aspects of the deal that have not been easy to resolve.

One issue that has cropped up recently is the suggestion about Hamilton wanting to finalise some kind of ambassadorial role with Mercedes for his life after retirement.

But speaking at the Belgian Grand Prix, Wolff has said that the focus of the new contract is entirely related to that of Hamilton being a driver.

“We’re not talking about an ambassadorial role post his retirement, nor is that part of the contract negotiations,” explained Wolff.

“I think he has many years to go as a driver within this team, and therefore it’s only about cleaning things up in the contract.

“I know it looks a little bit [uncertain] and why is this not being done and dusted? But it’s simply down to trivial things that just need to be cleaned up in contracts.”

Wolff and Hamilton have explained in recent weeks that there are no major hurdles to the deal being completed, and it is now just a matter of sorting out the legal aspects.

Speaking at the Hungarian GP, Hamilton said that progress towards getting the contract signed was now totally out of his hands.

“I’ve not been a part of it the whole time,” he said. “I’ve been removed from it from the beginning. I wanted to be as focused on all the other things that I have going on, so the team is working on it in the background. 

“There is no negotiation left. It is all just small bits.”

Wolff himself has backed up that viewpoint by saying that the involvement of lawyers at this stage meant it was impossible to state when things would be completed by.

“I don’t want to give you a date, because it’s lawyers speaking to lawyers,” he said. “It’s not material things anymore, but you’ve got to give it time and I don’t want to commit to a date.”

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